MEMEBag LED Backpack

MEMEBag Basics

Everything you need to get started.

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Download the “LED Space” App



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Power on the LED display

Plug the MEMEBag USB cable into a USB power supply (portable USB battery).

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Connect your phone to MEMEBag using WiFi

Open your phone WiFi settings and connect to the MEMEBag - the WiFi name will start with YS followed by a series of numbers.

WIFI NAME: YSxxxxxxxx (x = numbers)

PASSWORD: 12345678

How To Upload GIF.gif


How to UPLOAD your GIF’s

  1. On the main page, click the “+” icon to the right of “Program List”

  2. Select “Gif” from the list of options that appear

  3. Click the box that says “GIF” (allow App to access photos is asked)

  4. Select your GIF from your photo collection

  5. Click “Choose” in the bottom right corner

  6. Click “Send” in the bottom right corner

    • If you get Error no connection” you phone has disconnect and likely connected to your home wifi, reconnect to MEMEBag and try again.

  7. During upload process, green progress bar will go from 0% - 100%

    • Keep phone and MEMEBag near each other for faster transfer

  8. Once at 100% the GIF will appear on your MEMEBag

  9. Click “X” in the top right of the results screen to go back to GIF upload screen

  10. Upload another GIF if you want, or to exit to main page click “<“ or “Cancel”

    • Last uploaded GIF will be automatically saved to your home screen

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Making GIF’s + Important Info

MAKE SQUARES: When making GIF’s, make them 64x64 pixels (or at least square). If you have a GIF that is wider or taller, our App will auto-fit the image (squish it). Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is terrible.

SIZE MATTERS: The memory capacity of the bag is around 5MB so you need to keep your GIF game tight and resize gifs to 64x64 for best storage, another trick is to make shorter GIFs or have them perfect loop. Nice sized GIFs are 20KB to 500KB. We’ve been able to easily upload 40 GIF’s into the backpack (note the upload process is slow when you’re uploading this many).

FINDING GIFS: Giphy, Reddit, Imgur, The Internet. We have made it ultra simple with OPTIMIZED GIF’s at our Giphy Account HERE (save the images from our Giphy account to your phone, they are 64x64 optimized).

EDITING APPS: If you need a good GIF editing App, check out - ImgPlay, we don’t know them, we just think they’re great. On our Mac’s, we use GIF brewery 3, this app allows you to easily resize, crop and more. This is our most used App as we take meme’s from the internet and crop then resize them to 64 x 64, then airdrop to our iPhone. Online is the extremely powerful website EZGIF, this site has it all, crop, resize, speed, combine, convert webp to gif files (sometime Giphy downloads as webp), this site is AMAZING!

DON’T BEND THE DISPLAY: Make sure you do not bend the LED display, the circuit can crack if you bend it too much, or the display flexes back and forth too much. Do not overfill the bag either as this can cause the display to bend.