MEMEBag LED Backpack



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What is MEMEBag?

High quality multi-functional backpack, equipped with a WiFi enabled display with over 12,000 Red/Green/Blue LED’s for wearing your Memes, Images, Reaction GIFs, Stickers, and more.

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Wireless Color LED Display

WiFi/App enabled display with a 64 x 64 array of Red/Green/Blue LED’s (over 12,000 individual LED’s in total). This ain’t no HD display baby, this is raw 8bit style awesome. You want HD, go watch TV.

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Double Strap Backpack

Adjustable padded back-straps, with double loop hardware and additional hang tag for storage. Backing support fabric designed to promote airflow to reduce heat and sweat.

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Multi-Functional Compartments

Ingeniously functional, whilst being highly sophisticated. Designed with a spacious shape, lightweight, and featuring multiple internal padded compartments (inc laptop section) for protection of your contents.


Wireless Magic

Download our “LED Space” App on iOS or Android to wirelessly upload your content, it’s simple to upload images, or animated gif’s. You can also write your own text messages, or draw a picture in the App and upload to your MEMEbag. Our quick start guide will help you upload your first memes.

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  • Includes 10,000 mAh Dual Port USB Battery (power & charge)

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